A Masterpiece for Managers from Sri Somanchi

Sri Somanchi

After a flourishing a career at the big giants of the corporate world, Sri Somanchi has turned her eyes to the literary world. Not to write fictions, of course, but to pen her life experiences onto the pages of her book, “Management as a Profession.” Her life has been nothing short of amazing. As she worked her way up the corporate ranks, she gained valuable life lessons. Sri has never looked away from a challenge all her life. From her humble abode in India to make it to one of the largest organizations in the world, her story inspires every budding individual who dreams big.

Through the ups and downs of her life, Sri Somanchi has benefited a great deal as far as her management skills are concerned. She did not pursue any degree that would make her a specialist in managing roles. She was a science geek. Computers and Physics are the streams that kept her hooked and her recent job also centers on IT development. However, it also demands a certain amount of leadership and decision-making as she captains projects that have an immense impact on the company’s growth.

Her book is aimed at people of all educational and professional backgrounds. Sri Somanchi had to face a lot of difficulties and she has also failed sometimes. However, the lessons that she has learned from these experiences have made her the person she is. She is not just a software developer who codes all day long but her strength lies in her ability to motivate her team. Some people are born with the instincts of a leader. While that can be true about her to an extent, Sri has had to work relentlessly at improving herself as a manager.

“Management as a Profession” is a not just a compilation of dos and don’ts. It takes more to be a manager than just knowing a list of actions that you can learn anywhere. The reason that many management students fail to perform at their level best is their lack of experience. Sri Somanchi does not want young managers to fall prey to the traps that had almost taken her down. Her valuable advice direct inexperienced managers to gain a better hold of their jobs and themselves. They learn new ways to develop their managing skills and run their company in the best manner.

Sri Somanchi has handled responsibilities at the helm of big companies like HP and Intel. She has served as the Project Manager and Senior Software Engineer at Intel Corporation for over 10 years. One does not hold on to a job like that without serious skills. She is a natural leader and that makes her a valuable employee wherever she works.

Sri Somanchi would not have carried on in her profession without maintaining her emotional stability. She has talked about that at length in her book. Every manager who wants to learn should not miss this golden opportunity. “Management as a Profession” is available at leading online bookstores at an attractive price.


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