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Skyrocket Your Career As a Manager By Reading Sri Somanchi’s Management Book

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur you need to go through the management book written by Sri Somanchi. She has written this e-book for budding industrials, entrepreneurs, managing directors and other business professionals.

The book states examples and first-hand experience of Sri Somanchi’s career life and how she overcame those obstacles to become a successful and proficient manager. It is essential to hone your managing skills before you begin your own start-up or join as a Project Manager or Managing Director of a company.

Apart from the technical aspect and tips on how to become a successful business magnate the book even offers suggestions and tips on emotional management. Running an organization, startup or enterprise involves a lot of stress and anxiety and many businessmen cannot fathom how to cope with the stress. In such instances, the book proves to be of great help.

The industrialists and budding businessmen can immensely benefit from the tips, common errors managers ge…

Sri Somanchi: An Inspiring And Flourishing Personality In The Field Of Management

Sri Somanchi is one of the most versatile women and a professional personality living in Australia. She is an engineer, an IT consultant, and an immensely successful manager. As a child, she was brilliant in her studies and maintained a consistently good academic career. This talent also got reflected in her professional career where she flared excellently in whatever field she was placed in. Her self-confidence helped her to win over any situation with ease no matter how difficult it is. She never fussed about the problems that came on her way rather handled everything quite tactfully and wisely. 

Sri Somanchi worked with many top executives in the corporate world over several years which helped her gain knowledge about various aspects. In spite of not having an MBA degree, she proved to be one of the best managers of the companies she worked with. Her aptitude helped her in handling critical situations with a peaceful mind. Thus, she was able to find a solution to everything without…