Sri Somanchi, Connecting Gaps Between Essential Technology and Organizations

Sri Somanchi
Sri Somanchi

After a prosperous career at the big giants of the corporate world, Sri Somanchi has turned her eyes to the literary world. to not write fictions, of course, however to pen her life experiences onto the pages of her book, “Management as a Profession.” Her life has been nothing wanting wonderful. As she worked her high the corporate ranks, she gained valuable life lessons. Sri has ne'er looked aloof from a challenge all her life. From her humble abode in India to create it to one of the most important organizations within the world, her story evokes each budding individual who dreams massive.

Sri Somanchi as an IT Consultant:

1.Tremendous information in IT Sector:

The essential demand of any authority is their information within the several fields. Sri Somanchi has an unbeatable tutorial record yet as have exceptional career records too. Since the completion of her education, she has been operating in each the sectors. Her success in each industry has created it clear that, if there's will, there's always a way.

2. Advice and Recommendation:

Before fashioning a replacement IT infrastructure, it's the duty of the administration of resolve if they have a new system or not. using a similar IT infrastructure for an extended time possess extreme risk for the company. to make sure your current IT infrastructure doesn't susceptible to any potential threat for information theft, you'll be able to consult associate independent IT authority equivalent to Sri Somanchi. With some few testing and thorough observation, Sri Somanchi will either suggest you upgrade your system or raise you to update your system.

3. Improve Team Effectiveness:

Sri Somanchi discovered that some staff do not know how to properly use their system. Somanchi has personally devised an inspiration to figure out however technology equipped are the workers in an exceedingly several organizations. Being an authority, her main aim remains to produce valuable guidance to the total organization with none space for error. whereas some staff of a company are a fast learner of technology, different needs longer to know. Sri Somanchi has developed an easy procedure of instruction where the workers of a company are going to be schooled with simple language till they learn it totally. She interacts with the workers and makes certain everyone seems to be on a similar page.


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